Our Sample Rings

More than 83% of our customers don't know their perfect ring size.

That's why we offer a free comprehensive service to determine your ring size, so you can be sure that our rings will fit perfectly.


If you don't know your ring size

Order a free sizing tool to measure your ring size


Start by using our sizing tool to determine your provisional ring size.

However, please note that you are only 100% guaranteed to find your perfect ring size by ordering our sample rings.

Order Free Ring Sizer

If you know your ring size

Get 3 sample rings to determine your perfect ring size

You can add our sample rings to your order free of charge on any of our product pages.

You will receive a set of 3 sample rings for each ring size you order.

1x ring One size smaller e.g. O
1x ring The ring size you ordered e.g. O½
1x ring One size larger e.g. P

Sample rings are for sizing only

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