Wedding Rings 14 carat White Gold

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A glittering look with 14 carat white gold

14 carat white gold contains 58.5% pure gold. The remainder in our jewellery consists of palladium, amongst others. Naturally occurring silver-coloured palladium influences the colour of 14 carat white gold and makes it look white or silver. 14 carat white gold jewellery is usually plated with a layer of rhodium. This gives the jewellery finish a bright shimmering lustre. You can also choose not to have this with our jewellery.

14 carat white gold wedding rings in exclusive variations

The 14 carat white gold wedding ring category encompasses a wide assortment. The choice ranges from simple and classic through to modern wedding rings. You have the opportunity to narrow down and refine your choice to suit your own individual tastes. In addition to classic uni-coloured rings, you can also choose from multi-coloured wedding rings. They look particularly modern and can be easily combined with other silver or gold-coloured jewellery. The multi-coloured rings are made of a combination of 14 carat white gold and a 14 carat yellow or rose gold alloy. The different choices allow you to be extremely flexible with your own personalised ring design and to try it out as you wish.