Wedding Rings 18 carat White Gold

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247 Products

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247 Products

18 carat white gold wedding rings from AURONIA

White gold is very popular for making jewellery, especially wedding rings. It is extremely high quality, robust and easy to work with. Colourless diamonds stand out very well on the whitish silver material. White gold is a good alternative to platinum or palladium. 18 carat white gold contains up to 75% gold. Additional metals, such as high-quality palladium amongst others, are used for the remainder. However, our rings have the typical greyish silver shimmer of white gold.

A wide choice for all requirements

AURONIA offers 18 carat white gold wedding rings in all sizes and all kinds of designs. You have a choice of different matt or polished finishes from the inexpensive Basic and Classic category through to the Exclusive product group. You also have a choice of different ring profiles when it comes to the profile of your rings. Choose the ring profile that is best for you and best fits your finger.

High quality guaranteed

You can also buy 18 carat white gold wedding rings from our company that is combined with yellow or rose gold. Every ring goes through a rigorous control process that enables us to ensure high quality that will last a lifetime.