AURONIA places great importance on the careful use of both natural and manmade resources.

Precious metals

Our rings have been processed from raw materials as we are against the high consumption of energy and chemicals which are required to redevelop precious metal. Under the strictest conditions of the Environmental Protection Act, we use precious metal alloys that have been recycled. In this way we are able to protect our natural environment and live up to our responsibility to process precious, raw material.

High tech and craftsmanship

We combine advanced manufacturing techniques with a feel for material and quality. Our innovative 3D wedding ring configurator serves as the foundation for your personal design. All products from these designs undergo a master craftsman-controlled manufacturing process, whereby your ring is carefully examined after each step. Here at AURONIA we are well aware that high-quality results cannot be achieved without employee input and a strong enthusiasm for one’s job. That is why we combine our specialists’ knowledge and their passion for craftsmanship with high-quality equipment at our modern workshop.


When it comes to our employees there are also high standards to be met. We place great importance on fair payment and maintaining a strong rapport amongst our specialists. We conduct regular training because we believe that a company should invest in the professional development of its employees. Since all of our production takes place in Nordhorn, Germany, trainees within our company are able to have a permanent and future-oriented partner at their side.


For the trimming of our rings, we use only certified conflict-free diamonds that comply with the guidelines of the Kimberley Process. AURONIA is strictly against working with diamond dealers from war zones. In addition to this, we ensure that the extraction of precious stones does not promote child labour and that our diamonds are not so-called "blood diamonds". Because of the principles we hold, we, as a company, consider ourselves accountable for counteracting these practices with transparency.

Our partners

We cooperate only with ISO certified partner companies in the production of our pieces of jewellery, all of which only produce in Germany. Firstly, Heimerle & Meule, a company from Pforzheim, supplies the blanks for our rings. At our local manufactory, the foundations for our designs are created in a solid and seamless process. Both our machines and CNC milling machines are sourced from Benzinger in Pforzheim, who operate one of the most modern production plants worldwide. Finally, in order to make your rings unique, we continue to work with diamond dealers who have honoured the principles of the Kimberley Process. In this way, the production processes of AURONIA are perfected with the support of its select and qualified partners.

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