We are committed to responsible and sustainable ways of doing business as requested by our customers.
The careful use of resources goes without saying at AURONIA.

Conflict-free diamonds

Every diamond set in an AURONIA ring complies with the guidelines laid out in the Kimberley Process. This process prevents the trade in conflict diamonds by using official certificates of origin. As a matter of principle, we do not work with precious stone traders from war-torn areas, and furthermore, we do not source any diamonds that are mined using child labour. Our purchasing channels are transparent and completely ethical. You can rely on that.

Responsible processing
of precious metals

We have consciously decided to use reclaimed precious metals instead of sourcing them from new mining associated with high energy consumption and the use of chemicals. There is no difference in quality between reclaimed and newly mined precious metals, however there is a big difference in terms of environmental performance. The reclamation process is much more gentle and consumes considerably less CO2. When you choose an AURONIA ring, you are choosing a piece of jewellery that has been produced responsibly and with respect for the environment.

Responsible partners

All our partner companies involved in the manufacture of our rings also produce exclusively in Germany. Every one of our suppliers is one of the best in their field and is distinguished by their reliable workmanship. The Heimerle & Meule refinery supplies the blanks for our rings. The rings are heavily compacted in a special process and provide the basis for your personal design. We source our lathes and milling machines from the market leader Benzinger. The following principle applies to AURONIA and our partners: The responsible handling of resources determines each stage of production.

Fair working conditions

High standards also determine the relationship we have with our employees. For AURONIA, fair pay and an appreciative and respectful relationship with our skilled workers is the basis for excellent performance. We also continuously invest in the professional development of our employees; as an apprenticing company, it is important for us to make the younger generation familiar with our trade. We strengthen the region as a responsible employer and offer permanent, future-orientated jobs so that “Made in Germany” will continue to be a reliable promise for generations to come.