Find your ring size - our free ring sizer

The principle is simple. The ring sizer looks like a measuring tape with smaller units and works like a small belt.

  1. To find your ring size, feed the end of the tape through the slot at the other end to form a ring.
  2. Place your finger through the resulting loop and then pull the tape so that it rests comfortably against your finger.
  3. Pull our ring gauge up and down again to make sure that this slides comfortably over your knuckle despite it being a snug fit.
  4. If you have found the perfect fit, simply read the ring size through the magnifying glass.

Now nothing stands in the way of you buying your exclusive wedding rings online.

Find your correct ring size

The ring size is essential information when buying a ring. You can only be sure that the ring will fit comfortable at a later date and not need any size adjustments if you have the correct information. Order a free ring sizer from our company that will easily help you find your ring size.

You can use this ring sizer to easily find your own personal ring size - just like at a jeweller or goldsmith - you will then specify this size during the ordering process when buying your ring.

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