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Auronia wedding rings - personalised to your own individual taste

Choosing the right wedding rings is not easy. The lady wants a yellow gold ring and the gentleman prefers a platinum ring - maybe a white gold ring is a good compromise. You will find wedding rings in different colours of gold, platinum and palladium in our shop. The choice of ring finishes is equally diverse. We offer rings with different matt and polished finishes. Something that is beautiful and very popular with many couples: the groom wears a beautifully shaped, but rather simple ring. The bride chooses a ring with the same basic design, but with an additional stone setting. No matter which version you choose, Auronia wedding rings will seal your union of marriage in a stylish and fitting manner. A personal engraving that we offer our customers free of charge adds a touch of individuality.

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Wedding rings - a symbol of love and unity

A ring has no beginning and no end - it is a sign of undying love. The ring as a symbol of a marriage union has a long tradition dating back to ancient times. A wedding ring was made of iron and was only worn by the woman back then. Iron represented the virtues of modesty, thrift and loyalty. Gold rings were common at a later date. Gold was considered the most precious metal and represented stability and wealth. Nowadays both partners wear a ring. This symbolises a promise and unity. The material plays a minor role and is a matter of taste. At Auronia you will find traditional wedding rings made of gold and a wide variety of rings made of other materials, such as platinum, palladium and silver.

Very high standards of quality

We have very high standards of quality at Auronia. Wedding rings supplied by AURONIA are exclusively made in Germany. In this way, we are able to control the individual processes. This ensures the high quality of our wedding rings. A master goldsmith inspects the quality of workmanship of a ring before it leaves our premises.

Find the perfect ring size

You have found your wedding rings or engagements rings online, but do not know your ring size? We will be happy to send you a ring sizer free of charge. Use it to measure your ring size quickly and easily. Once you have worked out your ring size, you can purchase your chosen ring. We invite you to have a look at our range of rings in a relaxed setting.