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Auronia's wedding ring configurator

Use our wedding ring configurator to design your ideal personalised rings by clicking on our "Go to configurator" button when you call up our wedding rings page on the top right.

Configure your own personalised wedding rings

Wedding rings seal your wedding vows. They need to be perfect! Often couples who are just about to get married have precise ideas of what they want their wedding rings to look like. But often they have to compromise when it comes to the material or colour. This is a shame because you ultimately wear your rings for a lifetime. You don't need to make any compromises at Auronia. Design your ideal rings now.

You can customise the following ring qualities:

  • Ring profile (ring shape) and dimensions (width and thickness)
  • Colour, purity and finish (polished or in a variety of matt finishes)
  • Diamonds (add, remove and change the size)
  • Add an engraving in various fonts

We will support you with the design of your wedding rings:

Call us or send us a message. We will support you with the design of your ideal rings.