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Wedding Ring Configurator

Use the ring configurator and its exciting features to create your personal rings! We’ll tell you how.

How to personalise your rings

Add rings to the configurator and compare alternative designs side by side. Or see if your dream wedding ring matches your engagement ring.

You can design two rings in the configurator at once to make a matching pair or edit the design of each ring separately. This allows you to change elements including the width, the colour and the stone setting for each ring individually so as to differentiate between the woman’s ring and the man’s ring.

Return to your design at any time

With the “Load and Save” feature you can save your design and come back to it at any time. This allows you to share it with your partner or to compare a range of ring designs.

Step-by-step help along the way

In the help section you will find useful tips and information about every individual step. To access the relevant help section, just click the Help icon in each step of the design process.

Find out more about each step of the design process here

Step 1

The profile – adjust it to suit your personal comfort and style

You can see the profile of a ring in the cross section of the ring band. Choosing the profile is fundamental in determining how your ring will look. Whether you want a classic look or a more modern style, it all depends on your choice of either a rounded or a more angular profile. On the inside of the ring, the profile determines how comfortable the ring will be to wear. So that both style and comfort are exactly as you want, the configurator allows you to choose from a wide range of profiles.

Step 2

Ring sizes: perfectly fitting rings in all designs

Not only do we help you determine your precise ring size, you can also specify the width and height of your rings yourself. This allows you to influence the proportions and the effect of your rings and decide for yourself if you prefer a delicately elegant or an exceptionally striking design. Depending of the dimensions you choose, you also have many other options available from the design of the surface to the stone setting.

Step 3

Precious metals and surfaces: your choice of colour and texture

When choosing the precious metal for your rings, be guided by your instincts and design your rings in the colour you like best. In the configurator you can choose from a wide range of precious metals and purities and even combine them in multi-coloured designs. Besides this, there are many design options available for the surface of your rings – choose from matt, polished or hammered. Test out various textures and let your creativity flow!

Step 4

Grooves and edges: eye-catching details for your rings

Grooves and edges are an interesting way to personalise the design of your rings. In the configurator you can decide on their positions, shape, width, depth and surface texture and thus influence the look of the rings. Create delicate accents or add striking details for designs that range from classic and elegant to bold and modern.

Step 5

Stone setting: sparkle and shine just the way you want

For many couples, a precious stone is must-have element for their wedding rings. Use the ring configurator to choose the size and number of precious stones as well as the cut, the setting and the position. Make your ring turn heads with a single, sparkling diamond, insert a channel of stones or create the effect of a twinkling starry sky. Choose a stone setting that perfectly fits your personal style and aligns with your vision!

Step 6

Engraving: for highly symbolic wedding rings

An engraving is a detail that will make your wedding rings truly unique. Choose between free diamond engraving or the extremely versatile laser engraving. You can engrave anything you want from initials and dates to symbols and significant texts and graphics. You can also add extra personal details to your ring with words, emblems, drawings or even fingerprints.