Our quality

  • 100% made in Germany - high-quality standards

    So that we can offer you wedding rings of a very high quality, wedding rings supplied by AURONIA are exclusively made in Germany.
    Every single wedding ring goes through a final inspection by Auronia. We only send your rings if they pass this final inspection without any complaints.

  • Exquisite diamonds create a sparkle

    We do not skimp on the quality of diamonds to ensure that we can continue to offer high-quality wedding rings. We exclusively offer Top Wesselton stones, also known as fine white stones. The exact designation is tw/vs. We exclusively use diamonds from conflict-free sources in our jewellery.

  • White gold with a high palladium content

    The gold available from our company is alloyed with a high palladium content to achieve the white gold colour. This very high-quality alloy retains its colour for a long time and does not turn yellow.
    Base metals, such as manganese, are often used in cheaper alloys. We advise against these alloys because of potential allergies.

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