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Platinum wedding rings - for a lifetime bond

Platinum is the highest quality precious metal. The matt lustre radiates personality and lasting value. Wedding rings made of the precious metal are available is two grades of purity: 600 and 950. AURONIA offers a wide choice of exclusive wedding rings made of platinum. Choose your wedding rings online and order them in the comfort of your home.

AURONIA - your wedding ring experts

We believe in excellent quality, modern designs and good advice. The rings for your marital union seal your wedding vows and are probably the only piece of jewellery that you will wear all the time. Platinum is ideal for making jewellery because of its outstanding qualities. The precious metal is rare and extremely valuable. It is acid-resistant and does not tarnish. Scratches that may occur over the years due to daily wear and tear can be removed from platinum. Platinum 950 in particular is well tolerated and suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition to the high quality of the material it is also important that it is easy to work with. AURONIA is able to ensure this thanks to our know-how combined with our goldsmiths.

Exclusive range of platinum wedding rings

Platinum wedding rings: simple but exclusive. Our shop offers a select range that even satisfies the highest standards. Platinum wedding rings in one of our designs are a purchase that will last a lifetime. The four categories - from our Basic, Classic and Classic Trend collections through to the Exclusive collection - meet all the demands placed on modern, high-quality wedding rings. A precious stone finish to the lady's ring gives the pair of rings their final touch. This shows the share features of the rings but also special respect for the bride.