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White gold wedding rings: genuine gold with a white lustre

White gold wedding rings are still enjoying great popularity. The white gold colour is not as strong as silver or platinum. Many bridal couples therefore prefer the subtle effect of white gold. White gold does not occur naturally. It is a metal alloy that consists largely of gold. It is therefore a good alternative for couples who do not like the classic gold colour, but still want to have a gold ring. A white gold wedding ring combines a traditional ring and a modern white lustre.

How the white gold lustre is created

The term "white gold" is somewhat misguided: ultimately, the gold does not have any white colouring in it. Nickel was added to the gold to achieve the white colour in earlier times. However, this can lead to allergic reactions and is therefore not used for our high-quality wedding rings. The precious metal palladium is added to our white gold wedding rings. Wedding rings are often rhodium plated to achieve the classic white gold colour. This makes the rings look white.

AURONIA: order white gold wedding rings online

At AURONIA you can order white gold wedding rings online. Our extensive range includes many different types of wedding rings. White gold wedding rings have an elegant exterior and impress with their attractive design. The diversity of our range opens up unimaginable opportunities. Here you can choose wedding rings to suit your own individual tastes. Ladies rings are embellished with precious stones. Let yourself be inspired by our stylish white gold wedding rings. We offer you very high-quality wedding rings.