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Rose gold wedding rings - subtle and harmonious

Rose gold is a special material with a subtle effect. It has a reddish colour that harmonises particularly well with the colour of your skin. Rose gold wedding rings are less conspicuous than other wedding rings, yet they are clearly recognisable as such and show the couple's togetherness.

Qualities of rose gold

The specific colouring of rose gold, also referred to as red gold, is created by adding copper. The metal gives a special hardness and strength to the gold used. High-quality rose gold wedding rings also contain small quantities of silver, which further increases the resistance of the outstanding jewellery. However, if the copper content is too high, this leads to a deterioration in the material qualities. In this case, the alloy tends to oxidise and quickly discolour. Our wedding rings made from rose gold alloys meet our high quality standards and only contain the amount of copper needed to achieve the rose colouring.

AURONIA: buy wedding rings online

We offer you a wide range of wedding rings made of rose gold / red gold: The different collections offer both classic and trendy designs. We have rings available with a matt or polished finish. We also offer a choice of high-quality rings offering a combination of matt and polished elements. A ring that is rounded on the inside ensures that both a lady's ring embellished with diamonds and a gentleman's ring are comfortable to wear.