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Palladium wedding rings: excellent quality

Rings that seal your marriage vows need to be high quality and have a modern design. At AURONIA we have palladium wedding rings in different purity grades. These rings meet the most exacting demands. Palladium is a relatively new material that is becoming increasingly popular for wedding rings.

Palladium wedding rings from AURONIA - a purchase to last a lifetime

It belongs to the platinum group of metals and cannot immediately be distinguished from platinum at first glance. However, palladium is considerably lighter and therefore cheaper. Other advantages become apparent when you compare it with the precious metals silver and white gold. Positive qualities, such as its high-quality protection against tarnishing, colour stability and lower sensitivity to scratching make palladium a popular material for making jewellery. Palladium is harder and therefore the wear and tear, for example, is lower than with white gold. This provides a very solid setting for diamonds in palladium wedding rings, for example.

The assortment at AURONIA

Its qualities make palladium particularly suitable for jewellery, such as wedding rings that are worn daily and exposed to daily wear and tear. Our collections offer many designs for palladium wedding rings. The modern range consists of classic and luxurious designs. We can fulfil virtually every wish when it comes to palladium wedding rings: whether you're looking for a simple and narrow ring, a wider design or a ring with different matt finishes, the workmanship that goes into making our modern palladium wedding rings is outstanding.