Wedding Rings Rose Gold 9 carat

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A mix of gold and copper

9 carat rose gold looks extravagant and has a velvety soft lustre. 9 carat gold contains 37.5% pure gold. A certain percentage of copper is needed to create the special reddish colour. The colour of the alloy is dependent on the amount of copper added and ranges from a subtle rose colour to a dominant red. The name rose gold is derived from alloys with a lower copper content.

9 carat rose gold forms a perfect partnership with other precious metals

9 carat rose gold wedding rings look extravagant and elegant. The combination of 9 carat rose gold and precious metals, such as white gold, emphasise this elegance. We offer you a wide choice of stylish designs to suit your individual requirements. A subtly textured matt surface in high-quality rose gold combines tastefully with polished white gold and diamonds. Rose gold rings with an inner band of rose gold flanked by white gold on both sides look attractive. The collections that we offer demonstrate a harmonious interplay with different colours of precious metals.

Gold as a symbol of an inner bond

You have the choice of a variety of different designs. A simple band with a matt finish that is embellished with a small diamond for the lady is attractive yet modest. Wedding rings with a polished finish, several diamonds and subtle engravings in the surface of the ring are just as elegant. Choose the wedding rings that suit you.