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18 carat rose gold - a particularly high-quality material

18 carat rose gold is an alloy with a very high gold content. It basically contains 75% pure gold. The remainder consists of copper. The typical red colour is produced by the dominant copper colour and the colour intensity can vary depending on the copper content. If a bright red colour emerges, experts call it rose-coloured gold or rose-coloured jewellery. 18 carat rose gold is one of the highest quality gold alloys available for making jewellery. It has excellent malleability and excellent corrosion resistance. This effectively prevents the jewellery from tarnishing or turning an unattractive colour. Wear and tear is also very low.

18 carat rose gold wedding rings - our range

Auronia offers you a wide choice of wedding rings. Our rings impress with their high-quality and elegant designs. Whether it's simple, polished or matt rings with or without diamonds - 18 carat rose gold wedding rings offer something to suit every taste. You will receive a certificate with every wedding ring. We will also provide you with a certificate of authenticity if your rings have diamonds in them.

Order wedding rings online

Order your wedding rings online from our company from the comfort of your home! We invite you to have a good look around our shop and look for the rings that you like the best for your future life as a married couple that reflect your individuality, lifestyle and togetherness. Take the time you need to choose the right rings. Order our free ring sizer and sample rings in three sizes to play it safe with the size and fit.