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Yellow gold wedding rings - real classics

A yellow gold ring is considered a classic among wedding rings. Its history dates back to the second century AD. Even a gold wedding ring with a diamond setting is not a recent invention: it was seen as a guarantor for a harmonious marriage in the 11th century. Our yellow gold wedding rings draw on and continue with existing traditions in the style of the 21st century.

The carat, stone setting and ring finish - the bride and groom choose!

Choosing the perfect pair of rings is a difficult decision. Our shop offers the perfect solution for bridal couples who want to make a stress-free decision: they can choose their yellow gold wedding rings online - in peace and quiet in a relaxed atmosphere that is fitting for a once-in-a-lifetime decision. You will find 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct yellow gold rings in our shop. The differences reflect the pure gold content and therefore the price. If you have opted for an alloy, you can have a relaxed browse around our shop for the perfect design - with and without a stone, matt or polished.

You want creativity? - AURONIA wedding ring collections

You will find yellow gold wedding rings in stylish designs in our collections. They also offer a valuable guide for the bridal couple thanks to the clear differences in style and price: the "Basic" collection offering favourable value for money, the "Classic" and Classic Trend" collections inspired by traditional shapes and the "Exclusive" collection for couples looking for a very special symbol of their marriage.