When it comes to your big day, no detail can go overlooked. From big things such as the dress, the venue, and the reception party, to the smaller bits and pieces like what drinks to serve during cocktail hour, every little thing contributes to making your day the best that it could possibly be.

Acing Your Wedding Cake Order

So when it comes to ordering your wedding cake, don't get lost in endless online forums and advice from everyone who thinks they know best.

Here, you'll learn all about the ins and outs of ordering your wedding cake so it's one less thing to stress about, because in actuality - it's one of the more fun things to prepare.

Follow these 11 wedding cake tips and it'll be one more thing you can tick off your beautiful wedding list.

1. When Should I Order My Wedding Cake?

To make sure that your wedding cake fits the theme and style of your wedding, it's advised to wait until you've confirmed your venue, flower arrangements, wedding gown, and menu.

According to most bakeries, ordering your wedding cake about six months before your big day is the safer option.

But do keep in mind that smaller bakeries may have a long list of wedding cake orders to prepare, so if you're hoping for a mom and pop bakery to create your beautiful wedding cake, try to get your reservation early.

Some bakeries will allow you to make your wedding cake order one year in advance, with taste testing around six months in advance.

2. How Much Wedding Cake Should I Order?

This depends on how many guests you'll be having at your wedding so it's important to have your guest list finalised before ordering too much or too little wedding cake.

And when you do finally place your wedding cake order, the bakery will first ask you how many servings you'll be needing, so it's for the best to make sure that's sorted beforehand.

If you're still waiting on your final RSVP list, it's relatively safe - almost a rule of thumb - to assume that around 20 percent of your invitees will RSVP "no". This can help you to round up your final number.

Another handy tip is that, at almost all weddings, there are a handful of guests who don't want or remember to grab a piece of wedding cake. For that reason, you could budget on ordering enough wedding cake for about 75 percent of your guests to save costs.

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3. How Much Wedding Cake Should I Order for 150 Guests?

As mentioned, you can use the rule of thumb that around 20 percent of your guests will not be able to attend your big day. So, for 150 invitees, planning for around 120 guests is a realistic goal.

Then, the servings (guests) will differ depending on which tier you choose. Here's a helpful guide for reference.

Two and Three-Tier Wedding Cake size Servings
6 x 8 30
6 x 10 50
8 x 12 85
6 x 8 x 10 70
6 x 8 x 12 100
6 x 10 x 14 130
6 x 10 x 16 150

4. What is the Standard Wedding Cake Size?

While every wedding is unique, and every bakery is able to customise as required, Maria Mendonca, a baker of 17 years at Casa Del in Sydney, says that their standard wedding cake size is three inches high with the measurements of 6 X 9 X 12. This cake serves around 200 finger-sized slices.

Maria goes on to say that those who are after a taller and slimmer cake as opposed to a short and fat one, a 5 X 7 X 10 cake with a height of four inches would give guests that "wow!" factor, while still costing and serving the same as the 6 x 9 x 12.

Another tip to take into account when choosing your wedding cake size is your venue space. If you have a smaller venue, you could consider using columns in between the tiers to give the cake more stature and height.

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5. What Type of Wedding Cake Should I Order?

Because everyone has their own unique taste, it's for the best to choose a wedding cake that you want, not what others ask for.

And when it comes to cake tasting, don't be afraid to stray from chocolate and vanilla! There are so many other interesting flavours, and if you choose the right baker, they should be able to improvise and create the wedding cake you're after.

Some of the most popular wedding cake trends in the U.K. over the past years, apart from chocolate and vanilla, are:

  • red velvet
  • fruit cake
  • white chocolate with raspberry
  • lemon
  • coconut and lime
  • pink champagne
  • carrot

6. What Topper Should I Have on My Wedding Cake?

This is of course a personal choice, and many couples choose to go for the traditional bride and groom figurine.

But if you're looking for something different and unique - something that matches your theme and intrigues your guests - consider the following five creative cake topper examples:

Tropical wedding cake topper

For those enjoying a beach wedding or perhaps a destination wedding on a beautiful island, a tropical wedding cake can be a gorgeous addition. Perhaps decorated with vibrant floral decoration and greenery to further enhance your theme.

Customized text cake topper

There are so many different ways to customize your big day, and a wedding topper with your chosen text is definitely something to consider.

You could opt for something more popular like "Just married" or "Happily ever after," or you could choose a word or phrase that's unique and special to you.

Flamingo cake topper

Flamingo's are trending right now, and if you're doing a tropical destination wedding, this topper would be a fun and colourful way in which to top your lovely wedding cake.

Rustic wire arrow with initials cake topper

Many couples in love opt for a rustic-themed wedding, so why not consider using wire arrows in the shape of your initials? It's simple but will add such a meaningful touch to your big day.

Heirloom cake topper

To give thanks and appreciation to someone or something in your family or friends list, using an heirloom is not only thoughtful, but could also be your "something old".

pancake cake

7. What Are Some Creative Wedding Cake Designs?

The possibilities are seemingly endless! And that's what makes choosing your cake design so much fun.

Here are five creative wedding cake designs that have been trending of late:

Watercolour wedding cake

Just like people have been going crazy for watercolour tattoos, a watercolour wedding cake can be done in the shades of your theme, and perhaps topped with elegant edible flowers, macaroons, and leaves.

Metallic wedding cake

You could opt for a simple wedding cake topped with dripping metallic frosting. Add an accompanying topper and you've taken something quite ordinary and turned it into a piece of art.

Pancake wedding cake

If pancakes are your absolute fave, and you're going for the less mainstream wedding look, why not stack pancakes and top it with cream and syrup? Create the colour you desire by either doing red velvet or chocolate, and enjoy every single bite.

Celestial wedding cake

If you're into the dark and macabre side of life, having a midnight black celestial wedding cake is like taking a walk through the milky way.

You could add lighter coloured flowers for contrast, or simply use different shades of black with your own unique décor and topper.

A Printed wedding cake

Create intricate patterns on your wedding cake using paint fondant in the style of your choice. You could go for a tile-inspired pattern or another style, but either way, you can be sure that it'll be unique and simply breath taking.

8. How Much Should I Budget for My Wedding Cake?

Just like anything else you're planning for your wedding, the cost of a wedding cake will vary depending on what you're after.

For around £100 or less, you could have a simple one-tiered wedding cake with icing, suitable for around 20 guests.

If your budget is slightly higher - up to around £300 - you could order a beautifully-designed wedding cake from Marks & Spencer. Their wedding cakes are able to serve 120 guests, but are limited in choice.

Alternatively, for the same budget, you could have a single-tiered cake with a minimal design that can serve around 50 guests.

For £400, you could grab a simple three-tier wedding cake appropriate for around 100 guests.

For more complex and decorated wedding cakes, a three-tiered cake with a fondant design and perhaps fresh fruit for around 80 to 120 people, would cost between £400 and £500.

And for those with a budget of £700 and up, you could order anything from a three to seven-tiered wedding cakes complete with sugar work and floral arrangements or other designs. The more tiers and the more intricate design work is what will determine the price.

There are also other factors that'll influence the price of your wedding cake, such as:

The time of year

While this won't make a massive difference, some bakeries may adjust their pricing according to the time of year. During the height of wedding season, it may be more expensive, so bear that in mind.

The wedding location

If your big day is taking place in London, for example, you'll be looking at a higher cost for your wedding cake. The thing about this however is that you could opt to have your cake made somewhere outside of London, but then you would have to factor in the delivery costs.

The size of your wedding cake

One of the biggest variations in cost comes down to the size of your wedding cake and how many people you're hoping to serve.

What is the purpose of your wedding cake?

Some couples choose to double up their wedding cake as their dessert, and thus could save costs. In this case however, you may need to consider having someone who will serve the wedding cake to each guest.

Alternatively, if your wedding cake is more so for decorative purposes, you may not need enough for every guest and that would minimize the cost of hiring staff to serve it.

The wedding cake design

This, along with the size of your wedding cake, is what could make or break the bank. Ordering a wedding cake with intricate detailing and handmade aspects will of course be more expensive than if you were to order a naked or semi-naked wedding cake.

The rule of thumb is that, the more complex the cake - the longer it will take to design, and thus it will be more expensive.

9. Should I Have My Wedding Cake Delivered?

The short answer, is yes - it would definitely work in your favour to have your wedding cake delivered. And this is for a number of reasons:

Keeping it intact

A lot of care, attention, and special detail has gone into your wedding cake, and one small wrong movement could compromise the design.

If you have the bakery or a professional to deliver your wedding cake, preferably in a refrigerated van, they'll not only be able to ensure that it stays in perfect condition, but will also be able to set it up and make any minor tweaks if need be.

Also take note that, if you drop your wedding cake during transportation - it's your fault. If the delivery service does it - they're responsible.

Getting the timing just right

Setting up a wedding cake takes time. And on your big day, you'll want as little stress as possible. For that reason, getting your wedding cake delivered will give the skilled professionals enough time to have your cake perfectly positioned.

Adding extra touches

If you've opted to have fresh flowers or fruit on your wedding cake, these add-ons will be done on the day. For this to happen, you'll need a professional.

According to the website Martha Stewart, your wedding cake should be delivered at least one-and-a-half hours before the guests arrive.

cake decorated

10. How Can I Keep My Wedding Cake in Excellent Condition on the Day?

Keep it air conditioned

From the transportation to the delivery and display, your wedding cake should be stored in a cool space but not kept in a freezer.

Remember that many of the ingredients such as the sugar fondant can easily melt, so if you're having your big day in summer, be sure to keep it out of humidity and heat.

Have a plan B

Should something happen to your wedding cake, make sure to have a plan B. This could be a separate dessert, or even hiring a Cake Buddy (a person who lives nearby and who can salvage a less-than-perfect wedding cake). There are tons of Facebook groups catering to those who need a wedding cake expert available on their big day.

Keep away from children

It would be a tragedy if one of your sister's kids or your young nephew decides to poke and prod at your wedding cake once it's been set up. For that reason, perhaps have one of your bridesmaids on-duty to make sure that it stays perfect.

11. Can I Freeze my Wedding Cake?

For many newly weds, keeping the top tier of their wedding cake is a firm tradition. This is often done in order to enjoy the cake together on their one-year wedding anniversary. But freezing part of your wedding cake perfectly takes a few steps:

Step One: chill before wrapping

Allow your cake to chill before you place it in the freezer. This is to ensure that all of the ingredients are hard, and thus won't get sticky or messy.

Step Two: remove decorations

If your cake has ornaments and decorations, you won't be able to wrap it airtight.

Step Three: double wrap

As mentioned, you'll want your cake wrapped airtight, and the best way to do this is to double or triple wrap it. Use plastic wrap by pressing the plastic directly onto the buttercream or fondant. Follow that with two layers of foil.

Step Four: preserve the smell

If you're prone to keeping smelly things in your refrigerator, like garlic, you can place a box of baking soda in the freezer which will then absorb the smell of strong odours. In this way, you can preserve the smell of your cake.

Step Five: keep it as-is

If you've got plans to move houses or change freezers before your one-year anniversary, it's best to keep your wrapped wedding cake with someone who will be able to keep it in the freezer as-is without it being moved or compromised throughout the year.

Step Six: defrost and enjoy

When you're ready to celebrate, you can defrost your cake easily by removing it from the freezer and storing it in the refrigerator over night. The next day, leave it at room temperature for five to six hours, unwrap, and enjoy!

And that brings us to the end of our comprehensive guide to ordering, serving, and preserving your precious wedding cake. Wishing you the most beautiful wedding day decorated with a precious dream-worthy wedding cake!