Getting engaged is arguably one of the best days of your life - a rite of passage, shall we say. And whether you've been dating for a mere few months or several years, the way in which you propose to the love of your life definitely speaks volumes.

This is because once you've mustered up the courage to ask your girlfriend to be your wife, you're effectively moving into a whole new phase of the relationship. It's a way in which to create an everlasting commitment and an emotional bond that simply cannot be experienced elsewhere. For that reason, making your proposal one that is meaningful marks the beginning of a beautiful future.

But how can you initiate a creative and romantic proposal that isn't cliché but that also brings unlimited joy and elation to the special woman in your life? Here are 10 swoon-worthy proposal ideas for those who can't wait to tie the knot!

memories in pictures

It's The Thought That Counts

Gather pictures, items, memories, and things that are meaningful to your relationship, and decorate your apartment with them. Create small notes with directions everywhere for her to read and follow. As she makes her way from room to room, the final note leads her to you, on one knee, and a gorgeous rose gold engagement ring in hand!

We love this idea because it adds such a personal touch, and has absolutely no limits. Use decoration such as flowers, balloons, chocolates or anything else you desire to create the perfect setting.

The Idea Is To Wake Up Smiling

For many, the element of surprise is the most important thing when it comes to an engagement… and this idea will definitely surprise her!

While she sleeps peacefully, slowly place your chosen engagement ring on her finger, and wake her up with a gorgeous breakfast in bed. This intimate wedding proposal will surely have your wife-to-be smiling.

Build Suspense

If you're the type of couple who like to be silly and playful, this idea may just be the perfect one for you! Get a Matryoshka doll and wrap your engagement ring inside one of the several seemingly-endless containers.

Have her open each one, building suspense (and laughter), and when she finally reaches the engagement ring, get on one knee and say your sweet words!

music speaks to soul

Music Speaks to the Soul

Source an area where there are usually street singers (or find one who can help you out), and together, create a song especially for your loved one with the words, "Will you marry me?" in it.

Then, as you pass by hand in hand, surprisingly ask your girlfriend, "Did you just hear what he sang?" Drop to one knee and see the sheer surprise in her eyes and the excitement of the crowd.

A Good Fortune

Another way in which to really catch your soon-to-be fiancé off-guard, is to have a totally average evening with a trick up your sleeve.

On your next date night, take her to your local Chinese restaurant, having prepared a fortune cookie beforehand with the writing, "Will you marry me?" inside. By the end of your meal, you would have turned a regular Tuesday night into one that you'll both never forget!

romantic photo booth pictures

Romantic Photo Booth "I Do's"

Imagine, at the very second of your proposal, you were able to get the perfect photograph to symbolise the beginning of a beautiful new adventure? Well, then the photo booth proposal is just for you, and it's so easy yet exceedingly thoughtful.

Simply take your partner to a photo booth, and as the camera clicks, pull out the ring and pleasantly surprise her! And if you'd like to add to the level of surprise, arrange for (a few) close friends and family to be waiting outside for a little celebration.

Say it with a Poem

To create the perfect atmosphere of love, you could ask your girlfriend for her hand in marriage with a love poem.

For the guy who is great with words, or who would be so bold as to try, construct a heart-felt and personal poem for her with those four sweet words at the bottom.

And for the guy who doesn't fancy himself a poet, another beautiful gesture would be to hollow out a poetry book and place the ring inside and giving instructions for her to read her favourite one.

couple in front of plane

The Jet-Setter Gesture

If you and your partner are avid travellers, or perhaps you're doing the whole long-distance thing, a perfect way in which to ask her hand in marriage would be to involve an airport or a plane ride.

For those traveling together, you could speak with your flight attendant about creating a special yet surprising proposal on-board, or creating an entertaining way in which to not only make her the happiest woman alive, but to give your fellow passengers an experience they'll never forget.

And for the long-distance couple - when she arrives at your airport, hold up a sign with the word "Mrs" followed by your last name. Add your own special touch to it by either having an additional sign asking her to marry you, or drop down to one knee when she finally is in arm's length to embrace you.

Say it with Social Media

In this technological age, there are so many new and innovative ways in which to get things done…and a marriage proposal is just one of many!

If your soon-to-be fiancé is Instagram-addicted, why not create a post especially for her with a photo and a caption popping the question? Then, while casually being together, ask her to take a look at this funny/cute/interesting Instagram post, and watch her face go from chilled to ecstatic in a matter of seconds!

scrabble proposal

Scrabble Says It

If you two are fond of game night, Scrabble is such a creative way in which to ask that very important question! Ask her to grab some popcorn or a bottle of wine whilst you spell out the words, "Will you marry me" on the board, and surprise her with an engagement ring. It's absolutely genius and just so romantic.

So, have you found the perfect way in which to propose? And what kind of ring are you planning to spoil her with? Whether it is a rose gold engagement ring, platinum, white gold or other, we just love the romantic thoughtfulness that radiates in each gorgeous piece, and the beautifulness of souls joining.

Here's to a wonderful future with the one you love!

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