You’re so close to saying those sweet "I do’s". And despite the date creeping up, it still feels like a million moons away. The feeling of excitement, joy, and elation is hard to contain, and you’re simply pining over that dream wedding with the one you love. It is, after all, one of the best days of your life. Which is why we’re in the industry of making people smile. We love seeing two souls taking the next step by professing their infinite commitment to one another. Engagements, weddings, and celebrations of love are the bread and butter of happy, selfless, and in love human beings. And to further this commitment, we’re proud to offer free wedding ring engravings - a perfect opportunity to customise the love you share with your other half. With that, we’ve compiled a list of wedding ring engraving ideas for you to consider so that you can encapsulate your marriage in a unique way.

Take a look and choose the one that best fits you as a couple, or simply request a personalised engraving of your choosing. It’s all about spreading and holding onto the love.

One Word Wedding Ring Engravings

A ring, while holding infinite possibility and love, of course only has so much space. For that reason, a simple word engraved can be a bold and impactful way in which to customise your wedding ring.

Choose a word that speaks to the soul and holds meaning for both you and your partner.

One-word romantic wedding ring engravings:

  • Eternity
  • Forever
  • Immortality
  • Love
  • Family
  • Passion
  • Everlasting
  • Trust
  • Husband / Wife
  • Happiness
  • Timeless

Wedding Ring Engravings in the Language of Love

It’s true that some words are just more romantic in other languages. And while English is definitely a colourful way in which to express oneself, there are some sayings and words from other countries that are just too lovely to ignore.

Japanese: Koi No Yokan - The feeling of having met someone and instantly knowing that you two were destined to fall in love

Norwegian: Forelsket - The feeling of absolute euphoria while falling in love

Tagalog: Kilig - A rush experienced when something good happens in love

Turkish: Kara sevda - Love that is forever growing and being built upon

Greek: Meraki - Putting your soul, creativity and love into something

Chinese: Yuanfen - Fate or destiny

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A Symbolic Wedding Ring Engraving

When words just aren’t enough, you could always opt for a symbol that represents the love you share. This could anything from the obvious choices:

  • An infinity symbol
  • A heart
  • An anchor

Or, you could choose something more unique such as:

  • A Claddagh - An ancient Irish symbol of love
  • A harp - It symbolises love in the form of art, poetry and music
  • A maple leaf - Symbolising fertility
  • An apple - A symbol used in China to symbolise adoration
  • A seashell - A Greek symbol of protecting love
  • A swan - An English and Celtic symbol for love and purity

Alternatively, you could choose a symbol that is 100% unique to you and your partner for your wedding ring engraving.

A Touch of Love Wedding Ring Engraving: Your Fingerprints

Quite possibly the most romantic way to engrave a wedding ring, you could choose to have your partner’s fingerprint. This would mean two identical wedding bands with the fingerprint of the one you love with you at all times. It’s a beautiful collision that could symbolise being one entity while keeping the unique qualities and characteristics that make you both unique. To do this, grab some ink and paper to make a copy of your fingerprint. Then, request it as your chosen wedding ring engraving.

Important to note: an entire fingerprint would not be possible, so choosing only a portion of it is required.

A Date to Remember Wedding Ring Engraving

Dates hold a significant meaning to people all over the world. It’s a way in which to remember special events, people, and occasions, and can be written down in several aesthetically-pleasing ways. For that reason, having a special date for your wedding ring engravings can be a creative and unique way to symbolise your love. Why not opt for Roman numerals? Or, you could just use numbers? Alternatively, include the written date for a longer-form date wedding engraving.

Added bonus? If you choose to have the date of your wedding engraved, you’ll never forget your wedding anniversary!

Name Your Wedding Ring Engraving

A name holds an immense amount of meaning for a number of reasons. Not only does it provide someone with a feeling of uniqueness and sense of belonging in the world, but can also hold other special connotations. Whether a name was given with religious intent, or simply because it had a nice ring to it, it is a meaningful representation of the person you’re going to spend your life with. For that reason, getting a wedding ring engraving of partner’s name is always something that will be special and distinctive. With this, you’ll be showing your love for your partner with an engraving that truly symbolises who they are and your love for them in its entirety.

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Quote Your Love Wedding Ring Engraving

For a quirky and purposeful wedding ring engraving, why not think about a quote from something that you both love? This could be from a number of things, such as:

  • Lyrics from a song
  • A quote from a film
  • An old English Inscription
  • A funny expression or memory that you two share
  • A line from a poem
  • A motivational quote that you both love

The possibilities are seemingly endless, and it’s a great way to be unique while having something that holds a deep meaning for the both of you.

For a bit of inspiration, here are a few quotes that are effortlessly beautiful:

  • A perfect fit
  • Beautiful in my eyes
  • Eternity together
  • For my sunshine
  • The best is yet to come
  • Joined as one
  • Love without end
  • Maybe I’m amazed
  • We fit
  • With you, I’m home
  • Better together
  • My sunshine on a rainy day
  • Love never fails

Encapsulate Your Vows in Your Wedding Ring Engravings

Have you chosen to write your own vows for your wedding day? If so, you could opt to take a small portion of your vow and use it as your specialised wedding ring engraving. A short but powerful phrase would be a perfect addition to your piece of jewellery and will create an everlasting reminder of that special day you two shared with the ones you love. Pick the part that sums up your relationship the best for a truly romantic wedding ring engraving, and be left with a feeling of warmness and love for eternity.

Religious Wedding Ring Engravings

For many, a marriage is deeply rooted in religion and is a foundation for both partners. For that reason, opting for a religious wedding ring engraving is the perfect way to solidify your partnership.

Here are some extraordinary ideas for your religious wedding ring engraving:

  • Hebrew: Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li - My beloved is mine and I am his/hers
  • Latin: Deus nos iunxit - God joined us
  • Song of Solomon 3:4 - I found the one whom my soul loves
  • 1 Corinthians 16:14 - Do everything in love
  • Rumi - Reason is powerless in the expression of love
  • The Noble Quran 78:8 - And we created you in pairs
  • Buddha - Love is a gift of one’s inner most soul
  • Hindu - Expand the love you feel today
  • Lao Tzu - Simplicity, patience, compassion
  • Sikh hymn: Dhan Pir Eh Na Akhee-a - One light illumines two bodies
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Geeky Wedding Ring Engravings

In an odd turn of events, being a geek is actually pretty in right now. Just look at shows like the Big Bang Theory, for example - a sitcom loved by various subcultures worldwide. So, if you and your partner wish for nothing more than to enjoy a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings marathon, here are a few geek-inspired wedding ring engravings that you may adore:

  • I love you / I know (Star Wars)
  • One ring to bind them all (Lord of the Rings)
  • Never give up, never surrender (Galaxy Quest)
  • Bazinga! (Big Bang Theory)
  • Achievement unlocked (Xbox)
  • It’s dangerous to go alone (Zelda)
  • Unbreakable vow (Harry Potter)
  • To infinity and beyond (Toy Story)
  • You’re mine. Mine, as I’m yours (Game of Thrones)
  • Love should never be a secret (Spiderman)
  • True love stories never have an ending (Veronica Mars)

Complementing Symbol or Word Wedding Ring Engravings

Marriage is taking two individual people and having them fit together effortlessly like two pieces of a puzzle. It’s a relationship that thrives on consideration, love, and trust. And for that reason, choosing a complementing symbol or word for your wedding ring engraving is an excellent idea that encapsulates the unity you share. You could consider using the symbol of big spoon and little spoon on your wedding ring engraving. Or how about having the words Mr. and Mrs followed by your last name? The possibilities are endless. And by simply thinking about the uniqueness of your relationship, you’ll surely find something that represents your love perfectly.

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Funny Wedding Ring Engravings

If you and your partner are avid lovers of banter, and are continuously coming up with witty and hilarious jokes, then perhaps a funny wedding ring engraving is for you. It could be an inside joke that no one gets, or you could opt for one of these ridiculously humorous one-liners:

  • A perfect fit
  • Put me back on!
  • To be continued…
  • Do not (wear in the ocean, get wet, put in the washing machine)
  • Dibs!
  • Best I can do
  • Happy now?
  • Trophy wife / husband
  • No refunds
  • Property of …
  • Finders keepers
  • You’re a lucky man / woman
  • Do not remove

Unique Wedding Ring Engravings

Fancy getting really creative with your wedding ring engraving? After all, your relationship and your marriage are unique, and sometimes - thinking outside of the box goes a long way. Here are two unique wedding ring engravings are adorable and may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Sound-Wave Engravings: Such a beautiful idea! For this, you would need to record an audio of you or your partner saying something (example: I do, I love you etc.). Then, use the sound-wave as your engraving.

Binary Code: For the geeky couple, a binary code wedding ring engraving is the perfect way to immortalise a special message.

Have you found your perfect wedding ring engraving idea in this list? Perfect! If not, we’re always encouraging couple to think big while using their creativity. Whatever you fancy, we have the means to create a diamond engraving for you - free of charge when you purchase your wedding rings with us. And while you may not have seen this option while looking at our wedding ring configurator, we can give you all of the information you need when you get in contact. We also offer laser wedding ring engravings, at an additional cost.

We hope to have been a source of inspiration when it comes to deciding on your wedding ring engraving, and wish you lots of happy and love-filled moment to come.