The significance and tradition of wearing a wedding ring goes back centuries. It's something that two people in love wear not only to symbolise their eternal love, but also a way in which to profess their commitment to the world.

And do you know why married couples wear this special piece of jewellery on their ring finger on the left hand? It's because it was once believed that a vein ran directly from this finger to the heart. While this is a beautiful notion, it was actually proved by medical professionals to be untrue.

Either way, a wedding ring is always something to be cherished for its beauty and everything it stands for. Which is why many couples love the idea of matching wedding rings in order to symbolise their union.

What Are Matching Wedding Rings?

A matching wedding ring is when a couple choose their beloved jewellery in such a way that they align on design, style, and compositional components. In short, it's when husband and wife have (near) identical wedding rings.

These matching wedding rings could resemble each other by either using the same metal, the same finish, the same symbol (such as a heart or infinity sign), and or the same design elements - such as diamonds.

wedding rings with stones

History of the Wedding Ring

Today, more and more men are choosing to wear a wedding ring. But it wasn't always so. In fact, pre-World War II it was only women that wore this piece of jewellery.

But when World War II came around, soldiers began wearing a wedding ring as a means to feel closer to and to be reminded of their wives back home.

Different Kinds of Matching Wedding Rings

If it's decided that you and your soon-to-be husband or wife will have matching wedding rings, here are a few different kinds to choose from:

  • Classic: This is a simple wedding ring made with one precious metal, such as platinum or 18k gold. By choosing a classic wedding ring, you will still have the ability to customise some aspects such as the shape of the edges (round or straight), and the way in which the wedding ring is finished (polished, smooth, or matte).
  • Detailed: There are many different ways that a wedding ring can be tailored according to taste. For example, you could choose a hammered finish that will add texture, or you could opt for a milgrain border.
  • Complementary Wedding Rings: In order to embrace the idea of matching wedding rings, you could always choose complementary rings. That is, two rings that are not identical but that complement each other. For example, both rings could have one or two of the same design elements to symbolise your shared taste but that are of different finishes or metals to show each partner's unique style and preference.
    Alternatively, each wedding ring could have a different saying or symbol that only works when used together, such as "Keeper of my soul," and "Holder of my heart".
  • Unique and Customised: If you're a couple who like to think outside of the box, and hope to create perfectly unique matching wedding rings, you could choose to customise it according to your preferences. In this way, you can control aspects such as the design, engraving, metal, width, and finish.

Important Information on Choosing Matching Wedding Rings

Just as you'd place huge importance on the colour scheme of your wedding, or the location of your first home as husband and wife, your wedding ring is equally as important. This is because you're going to be wearing it every day (for eternity).

So before you choose your matching wedding rings, here are a few tips for you to consider.

wedding ring different colours

Kind of Metal and Colour
What kind of metal do you and your partner love? You could go for the most popular metals, such as gold or silver, or you could choose something a little less mainstream but equally as beautiful.
Rose gold has become an extremely popular choice of late, and looks exceedingly elegant. Alternatively, you could consider platinum or palladium, two excellent metals that are understated yet beautiful.
Or, a multi-coloured ring is a great choice for those who want to be bold. In this way, you could have a two-toned or three-toned combination of either yellow, white, or rose gold.

wedding ring different finishes

The Finish
It may seem like one of the less important aspects of a wedding ring, but the way in which your precious piece of jewellery is finished can really increase its elegance. Here are five different kinds of wedding ring finishes to consider:

  • Polished
    This is one of the most popular wedding finishes, and gives the ring a mirror-like effect. It's brought about by using abrasives on the surface in order to remove scratches. This buffering to the metal then produces a reflective shine.
  • Hammered
    A hammered finish resembles that of a dimpled effect, as if a small hammer had created little indents into the material. Once this finish is complete, it's usually then given a second finish, in either satin for a non-reflective look, or a polish for a shiny and reflective appearance.
  • Matte
    For a less flashy style, a matte finish can produce a subtle yet striking design. And if it's matte you're after, ask yourself what kind of matte catches your eye? Is it vertical, horizontal, diagonal, ice, coarse or fine sand, or hammered?
  • Milled
    This finish will give your wedding ring a layer of rich and interesting texture.

wedding ring different stone settings

Would you love to have one or more precious stones on your wedding ring? In terms of design layout, you could choose either bezel, section, channel, cross-channel, side bezel, side-section, or a customised position.
Then, when it comes to the stone type, do you fancy a brilliant stone? A princess stone? Or perhaps a baguette stone?
And lastly, the size, colour, and quality of the stone is also an important aspect to think about.

One last aspect to consider when it comes to matching wedding rings, is whether you'd like to get it engraved. To do so is the ultimate way in which to personalise your ring, and there are so many great and creative ways you can incorporate this wedding ring trend.
You could choose to have your engraving inside the ring for a more intimate effect, or you could engrave the outside of the ring for the world to marvel upon. It's also the perfect opportunity to use your favourite quote, saying, poem, or even symbol to complement one another effortlessly.
Did you know? AURONIA offers a free engraving service for your rings.

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trio wedding ring set

What is a Trio Ring Set?

If you are, or your partner is, a bride who would like to choose their own engagement ring as well as wedding ring, you could consider getting a trio set.

A trio set is when an engagement ring, and the bride and groom's wedding ring, are chosen all together at the same time.

In this way, you'll be able to create trio matching wedding rings that go together beautifully, and that are adored by both man and wife.

Feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed? Why not play around with a wedding ring configurator? By doing so, you'll be able to look at your options, and pick and choose every aspect of your jewellery to make sure that what you're dreaming of, can in fact, be brought to life.

Buy Matching Wedding Rings

And now comes the fun part! Are you ready to buy matching wedding rings for you and your partner? Have you found the perfect way in which to build your precious jewellery from the information above?

We hope that, whichever wedding ring you choose, be it matching, complementary, or unique from your partner, that you are gifted with the ring of your dreams. Happy wedding ring shopping!