Planning a wedding is hard. And for those preparing to tie the knot, it's easy for your to-do list to become so long that it's a cause of sleeplessness nights, stress, and frustration. This, in turn, may lead you to believe that planning a wedding is not all that it's cracked up to be but instead, a source of anguish and anxiety. In actuality, however, once you've found the right resources to create your vision, wedding planning can be one of the most rewarding and fun things to do in your lifetime. With that, we hope to lend a helping hand when it comes to picking out your wedding favours. We've even gone one step ahead to give you some wedding favour ideas that your guests will actually use (and love!).

For young adults, trendy folk, and forever-young individuals ready to tie the knot, here are 20 wedding favours to rock your big day.

1. Portable Chargers

This item may not be in everyone's price range, but depending on your budget and the amount of guests you'll be having, a portable phone charger is actually a genius idea.

That's because, well, people are addicted to their phones and also, they'll surely want to take a lot of photos, selfies, and videos of, and at, your gorgeous wedding.

If you're looking to cut costs, you need not gift every person with a portable charger, but perhaps have a handful on display for those who need it. Charge them up before the time, grab a few USB cables, and keep your guests smiling (for the camera) all night long.

2. Throwaway Cameras

While iPhone and smartphone photography has come a long way, there's something so unique, fun, and almost vintage about using a throwaway camera.

And while many weddings don't usually offer throwaway cameras to their guests as part of their wedding favours, you could do so in order for them to save their own memories.

You could also opt for throwaway cameras that are returned by the end of the night too, but guests will surely enjoy the fact that they'll be able to keep some of their photos as a memento.

3. Hip Flask

Why not customise a hip flask as a wedding favour with a funny expression, your wedding date, an image, or something else that's unique to add a thoughtful touch?

However you choose to style it, your friends and family can either use on the day or any time after the big event. At the very least, they've got something cool to add to their mantle or cupboard.

4. Midnight Snack Bag

Who doesn't enjoy tasty treats like various sweets, chocolates, or popcorn? No one, that's who!

To incorporate a little midnight snack bag of deliciousness means that your guests can have a few nibbles after a couple of drinks, or between hitting the dance floor. And if they aren't big fans of sweet treats, well - more for the others!

What's also fab about this snack bag is that they're great wedding favours for kids and adults, and they don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Simply grab a drawstring bag, and fill "em up.

Tip: Everyone loves Haribo.

wedding favours bubbles

5. Bubbles

Sure, this may seem like more of a kid's toy than a wedding favour, but can you imagine how fun it would be to have a few fun wedding snaps of you and your guests blowing bubbles?

It's an enjoyable, cheap, and creative way to liven up the day and to be left with some artsy-type wedding photography.

Not only that, but it's almost universally-agreed that adulting is hard, so reverted back to innocent child-like fun will surely cause a few big smiles and good cheer.

6. Temporary Tattoos

If you've got a quirky side or perhaps like the idea of giving out wedding favours that are slightly alternative, temporary tattoos are great!

You could get ones pertaining to your theme, ones that represent who you and your partner are or what you like, or simply funny expressions and sayings that will encourage your guests to actively participate and engage with each other.

Again, you'll be left with some interesting and creative photos with these wedding favours too.

7. Customised (Shot) Glasses

What's great about customising glassware for a wedding is the fact that it doesn't actually cost too much. In fact, there are several shops and online stores that customise items specifically within the wedding niche.

If you're planning on going the shot glass route, they could be used later during the reception party between friends. And if you'd like to get champagne or cocktail glasses, they could be used during the speeches.

A clink of a glass is always a fantastic sound, and a well-known symbol of celebration.

8. Personalised Coasters

While you may not be as bothered about water ring stains on the furniture at your wedding reception, some individuals have a strict rule within their home that demands all to use a coaster. Which is why a personalised wedding coaster is a pretty amazing wedding favour for your guests.

You can choose between using paper coasters, which would be the more budget-friendly option, or you could go ahead and have them done in glass. Whichever you choose, this wedding favour can be a classy and unique addition to your wedding day.

9. Rustic Wooden Pencils

We are in the age of technology, yes, but there's something so refreshing about using the old-fashioned route of pen and paper from time to time.

And while wedding favours that are stationery-related don't always float everyone's boat, you can be sure that one day one of your guests will be searching high and low for a pencil… and voila, your rustic wooden pencil will save the day! Too far-fetched?

Ok, so even if that is not the case, adding a (personalised) wooden pencil to your list of wedding favours is a thoughtful and budget-friendly item.

And if you're planning on a rustic or outdoor theme, it'll be the perfect little addition.

10. Bag of coffee grounds

If you're a sucker for puns, why not get a cute bag of coffee grounds with a cheesy expression sticker on it? Something like "Grounds for celebration," "Everything I brew, I brew it for you" or "Love is brewing". All cheesy, all excellent.

And the icing on the cake? The coffee will come in super handy the morning after (or if you need a little pick-me-up!).

wedding favours perfume

11. Perfume Samples

Weddings, while being tons of fun, can also get pretty wild! And if you've spent a great deal of time on the dance floor, or perhaps you're a bridesmaid or groomsman who has been running around all day, a little spray of perfume or cologne can turn a somewhat smelly situation into a glorious-smelling one.

Also, if you happen to find your Prince Charming or Princess at the wedding, you have a little scent to help you seal the deal.

12. Fortune Cookies

So often, hungry folk persist to order one or two fortune cookies with their Chinese food because it's a short-lived kind of tomfoolery that is enjoyed by many.

And let's be honest, fortune cookies aren't exactly the best thing in the world in terms of a snack or treat. But one thing that they are - is a lot of fun!

So, to add a few giggles and a bit of banter to your big day, adding a fortune cookie into your bag of wedding favours is a playful way to set a good vibe.

13. (Adult) Colouring Books

Move over kiddies, because colouring in is now something that grown-ups like to do too! For many, colouring is a therapeutic and relaxing activity.

And by having a mini colouring in book and some colour pencils, you're not only catering to the children at your wedding, but also those who feel like having a little quiet and creative time.

This wedding favour is also great because your guests can take it home with them for a rainy day.

14. Personalised Mini Nutella Jars

If there's one thing that's almost universally-loved, it's Nutella. And while there's an ongoing debate about how to pronounce this yummy treat, the general consensus is that Nutella is an absolute win for sandwiches, crepes, dessert pizzas, or simply jabbing a spoon into the jar for a quick fix.

But if you choose to up your Nutella game however, you'll definitely be adored by your guests. That is, by customising the jars with their names (or anything else that you fancy). It's unique, personal, delicious, and it'll win over the hearts of everyone involved!

15. Hangover Kits

They say that one should organise and plan an event according to the crowd. So if you've got a handful of wild friends and family who enjoy a few adult beverages while dancing the night away, a little hangover kit will be strongly appreciated.

Perhaps take the joke one step further by using a little medical aid kind of casing to hold some headache tablets, hair ties, breath mints, a granola bar, a mini toothbrush and paste… and whatever else you think they might appreciate.

It's funny yet also very much needed for some partygoers.

wedding favours lottery

16. A Lottery Ticket

Depending on your budget, you could get a lottery ticket or simply a cheap scratch card. People are always drawn to these types of things as the mere thought of winning big is something many aspire towards!

Who knows, you may just make someone the happiest person in the world. (But they'd obviously have to split their winnings with you.)

17. "Mint to Be" Mints

Another cheesy pun-inspired wedding favour… a container of mints with a label that reads, "Mint to be". And even if your guests don't find it that hilarious, you can count on the fact that they will, at one point or another, use them.

18. Drink Vouchers

If you are planning to limit a certain amount of free drinks per person, using vintage-looking drink vouchers is a creative way in which to keep it in-check.

You could have them made up to resemble those used at a carnival or fair, or like a vintage-looking cinema ticket from way back when. Then, when someone is feeling a little thirsty, the bar tender can take their vouchers, stamp them, or make a tear in the corner to show that it's been used.

This is not only an easy and fun way to stay on top of your bar tab, but guests can also choose to give their vouchers to those who are, umm, thirstier them.

19. A USB Filled with Your Wedding Music

It may be time consuming, but if you've got a killer playlist that you know your friends and family would love, why not take the extra time to put it onto a USB for them?

Perhaps you can buy a pack of USB sticks in-bulk for a cheaper price and spend one afternoon transferring your music.

This will especially be an excellent wedding favour for those who use USB sticks in their car… and can serve as a great memory of your wedding day.

20. Wooden Fans

If you're planning on having a summer wedding, things can definitely get heated! Especially of late as we're seeing more and more heat waves pop up at the most random of times.

For that reason, a small wooden fan is an excellent wedding favour.

Guests can get instant relief after dancing to the Spice Girls a little too hard, and it'll contribute to everyone feeling more comfortable and at ease throughout the day.

So have you found some great ideas in this list of 20 wedding favours? Some are fun, some are ridiculous, and others… well, they're almost a necessity.

But whichever one(s) you choose, you can be sure that your guests will definitely be using them, either on your big day or after.

And that's one less thing to stress about! Wedding favours sorted! Now it's time to celebrate your special day with the ones you love. Enjoy every second of it!