A wedding day is, of course, all about the in-love bride and groom. But as you continue to plan the big event, you'll soon realize that the success of your big day is only as good as the sum of all its parts. That means that every little detail - from the flower arrangements and the DJ, to the ring bearer and pictures of bridesmaids, all contribute to your perfect celebration.

A Comprehensive Guide on Acing Your Wedding Pictures with Bridesmaids

Today, we take a look at the more fun side of getting married - that is, wedding poses for bridesmaids! And for a bride, having her best girl friends and family with her is an important aspect of support and love.

They're the ones who'll hold your hand during the process, and help you create a day you'll never forget!

Not only that, but having gorgeous photos of you and your BFF's on your wedding day is something to be cherished forever.

Follow us on our journey that'll leave you with bridesmaid photo ideas that will win your wedding day!

Brides maides selfie

Pre-Ceremony Bridesmaids Pictures

Pictures of Bridesmaids Getting Ready

A little tip

Many brides-to-be prepare a separate space for their bridesmaids to get their hair and make-up done. And while this leaves more room for the artist to get their work done as quickly and as peacefully as possible, it's not nearly as fun!

Think about it - do you really want isolated pictures of your bridesmaids getting ready? Why not capture the spirit of the getting ready process with all of the bridesmaids together?

15 Poses for Bridesmaids Getting Ready

  • If you've decided to have a sleep over with your gal pals, capture all of you waking up in bed. A fun idea would be to have only your eyes peek out from under the blankets.
  • Have all of your bridesmaid's huddle in front of a mirror, wearing their matching robes, while checking their hair and make-up.
  • Position yourself front and center while opening a bottle of champagne. Have your bridesmaids surround you, each holding a champagne glass.
  • Form a line of you and your bridesmaids, all side-hugging each other in your matching robes.
  • Jump on the bed together like kids.
  • Hug your bridesmaids lovingly.
  • Be natural and talk with your bridesmaids.
  • Have your bridesmaids help you get dressed (zips, frills and thrills), and have these precious moments captured.
  • Get pictures of your bridesmaids dressed up and ready for action, with you standing in the foreground.
  • If all of your bridesmaids have the same manicure, have them put their hands into the formation of a heart.
  • Have your bridesmaids bring fun shoes, such as cowboy boots, and get a few bridesmaids pictures of all of you wearing them.
  • Do a mirror photo of you looking in the mirror for the first time in your dress, and your bridesmaids surrounding you.
  • Have each bridesmaid hold their phone in front of you in a line formation, with their cameras open to take a photograph. Then, have your professional photographer capture the setting.
  • Create an intimate moment with only you and your maid of honour, such as lying next to each other on the floor, smiling at each other.
  • Have you and all of your bridesmaids huddle together on the bed, wearing matching robes.
brides maides walking

Post-Ceremony Wedding Pictures with Bridesmaid's

15 Fun Wedding Poses for Bridesmaids

  • Capture pictures of your bridesmaids with their hands up. They could be holding something such as a bouquet of flowers, or they could throw confetti.
  • Have you and your bridesmaids do funny wedding poses, such clinking your glasses together in a cheers, pulling funny faces, putting all of your hands together in the center, or doing the "strong woman" pose. If these pictures are fun yet natural, it'll only add to the success of your bridesmaid's photos.
  • Use signs! A really cute way to go about your wedding photos with your bridesmaids is for each of them to hold up a chalkboard with writing on it. Each friend could have their title written down, such as "sister" or "maid of honour". Or, you could choose a unique and personal way to mix it up.
  • Use props to create fun and playful images. This could be anything from alphabet letters that make up a word, to funny Mr. and Mrs. glasses, and wearing fake moustaches.
  • Use your bouquets to hide your faces. This also places more focus on the beautiful dresses.
  • Get a few pictures of your bridesmaid's shoes all meeting together. You could also have them form two lines, and you stand at the head of the line, to show the contrast of bridesmaid vs. bride.
  • Get pictures of the bridesmaids all ready for action as you throw your bouquet.
  • Selfies! Throw in a few amateur wedding photos with bridesmaids, and it'll show off your more fun and spontaneous side.
  • Have a bridesmaid's photo of each of them holding a piece of your veil.
  • Ask your bridesmaids to carry your groom in the Superman flying position.
  • Gather your bridesmaids and take a seat at the bar, forming a line. Have the photographer capture you all from behind while you all take a shot.
  • Do a "peek-a-boo" action shot with you in the front, and your bridesmaid's leaning out from the sides.
  • An unplanned laughing shot of you enjoying the company of your bridesmaids.
  • Get a few bridesmaid pictures of them wearing the groomsmen's oversized jackets.
  • Get a few sassy bridesmaid's pictures of them blowing you a kiss (or vice versa).
brides maides poses

15 Heartfelt and Emotional Bridesmaids Poses

  • Have your photographer photograph the back of you and your bridesmaids. All of you can be giving each other side hugs or linking arms, but placed in such a way that the colours of your dresses all work together effortlessly.
  • A simple photo of you and your bridesmaids standing in a line with sweet smiles, perhaps holding a bouquet.
  • Have your photographer take a low angle photo of you walking while one or two of your bridesmaid's hold your dress.
  • Make sure to get a few snapshots of you and each individual bridesmaid. This will capture your bond and beautiful friendship, and be a source of happiness for all parties for years to come.
  • Choose a quiet and serene spot to capture creative pictures of your bridesmaids. This could be using sparklers, throwing glitter, holding balloons, sitting with your feet in a swimming pool, or walking on the beach together, naturally.
  • Use cute props that add to the emotion, such as holding umbrellas or parasols while smiling and talking with each other.
  • If you have access to a beautiful staircase, have you and your bridesmaids stand or sit gathered together.
  • Take a far angle shot of you and your bridesmaids standing in a line holding hands. Allow the line to be far apart, taking up the whole portrait space with the décor in the background.
  • Find a lovely spot outside and have all the bridesmaids and yourself lie down with all of your heads in the center.
  • Stand at the forefront, and have your bridesmaids stand far behind you in a line. Allow your photographer to create an image where you are the focus, and the colourful dresses and bridesmaids are visible but out of focus.
  • Each bridesmaid can grab their bouquet and hold it behind their back. The photo will focus on the bouquet and the colour of their dresses only.
  • Huddle in a warm embrace, smiling with all of your gals to create bridesmaid's photos that show how much you mean to each other.
  • Find a gorgeous window somewhere inside and have your photo taken whilst looking out.
  • Take walking bridesmaid's photos while chatting, with you in the center.
  • Gather your bridesmaids and do a turn-around pose, with you in the center.

So, are you ready to embark on this amazingly fun journey? Hopefully you've got an awesome group of bridesmaids who'll help you create fun, beautiful and everlasting bridesmaid's photos! Enjoy every moment of this special day!

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