It's evident that rose gold is a trend that simply won't budge. From fashion capitals of the world to stylish cities and beyond, you're bound to see someone wearing at least one item of rose gold.

So when did the craze with rose gold begin? In 2012.

It was in that year that spotting clothing, accessories, bags, and furniture in this gorgeous colour was an almost everyday occurrence. And since, designers such as Jimmy Choo and Cavalli have embraced this beautiful shade.

We then went on to see the release of the rose gold iPhone 6S in September of 2015. It was such a hit, in fact, that 40 percent of pre-orders were made for the colour.

What Inspired the Rose Gold Trend?

It's been said that it was the rising trend of copper-coloured items in 2013 that sparked all the rage. This is because copper is very similar to rose gold. And so, people worldwide began embracing this metallic colour… including brides and grooms-to-be.

Those preparing to tie the knot have, of late, taken quite the liking to a rose gold wedding ring. And why not? It's elegant, beautiful, and trendy.

So, for all of your rose gold wedding ring questions, here's a guide on everything you need to know before you spend a pretty penny on this lovely metal.

What Exactly is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a combination of two different metals, namely, yellow gold and copper. Usually, you'll find around 75 percent of gold and 25 percent of copper in a rose gold wedding ring, and it is the copper that gives it its pretty blush colour.

Naturally, the more copper you add, the rosier it will appear.

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Is Rose Gold Real Gold?

Yes, it is. But pure gold as-is, is too soft to be used. For that reason, alloys are used. An alloy is a metal that's produced by combining two or more metallic elements in order to give it more strength and resistance.

And should you choose to buy your special wedding jewellery at AURONIA, here's a nifty guide showing you the typical measurements of alloys used in our rose gold wedding rings.

metal fineness parts per 24 percent gold
18 karat rose gold 18/24 75% gold
14 karat rose gold 14/24 58.5% gold
9 karat rose gold 9/24 37.5% gold

And for further clarification, the average rose gold wedding ring will contain between 37,5% - 75% gold, between 0,5% - 7% silver, copper and other metals.

Can Rose Gold Fade or Rust?

When copper is added to classic yellow gold, it gives it a special hardness and strength. And when red gold is used with a high content of copper, the red tone is more pronounced.

If the copper content is too high however, it could lead to oxidation and decolouration. With our rose gold wedding rings, we add just enough copper to give your jewellery the desired colour of a very high quality. The most popular of these being the alloys of rose gold from 9 to 18 karats.

Can Rose Gold be 24k Gold?

It's not possible for a rose gold ring to be 24k, and if you find one that is - it is more than likely, fake. This is because rose gold rings contain alloy metal and only around 75 percent pure gold.

24K gold is when the piece of jewellery is 100 percent gold.

How Can I Clean Rose Gold?

The great news, is that rose gold is a very durable metal, meaning that it's less susceptible to wear and tear.

But for those moments when a good clean is necessary, you can do so easily by putting it in lukewarm water for a few minutes, then carefully brushing the ring with a soft brush.

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What Diamonds and Gemstones Look Good with Rose Gold?

There are a number of diamonds and gemstones that will go perfectly with your rose gold wedding ring.

And to give you a little bit of inspiration, here are 10 that'll look great with rose gold:

1. Rose Quartz: Also known as, "the love stone," rose quartz comes in varying shades of pale to strong pink. A perfect combination can be made, whatever your preference.

2. Faint Yellow Diamond: The sweet rose gold pairs effortlessly with the warmer yellow-coloured diamond for elegance and real charm.

3. Pink Sapphire: It's beautiful, subtle yet captivating, and pairs effortlessly with rose gold.

4. Ruby: With the subtlety of the rose gold, and the boldness of the red, you'll create a striking and harmonious combination.

5. Red Garnet: Another red that will work seamlessly with your rose gold. It's less intense than ruby, yet makes an excellent combo.

6. Amethyst: This purple colour looks amazing with rose gold, and gives it more of a vintage feel.

7. Aquamarine: For a natural and calming tone, aquamarine is the perfect choice to go with your rose gold wedding ring. It's not too flashy nor does it produce a striking contrast, making it an understated and subtle gem.

8. Morganite: An elegant and classy gemstone that simply adds a bit more sparkle to an already adorable ring.

9. Rhodolite Garnet: Turn a traditional, vintage-looking ring into a trendy one with a raspberry/red-coloured garnet. It's vivid, bold, and utterly beautiful.

10. Blue Topaz: This warm-toned gemstone works effortlessly beside a rose gold band, creating a dazzling contrast.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Rose Gold Wedding Ring

1. It's Romantic
The blush pink colour of your rose gold wedding ring is a gorgeous symbol of romance, love, and adoration.

2. It Has a Vintage Appeal
Whether your rose gold wedding ring has seen the effects of patina or not, the colour gives off a lovely vintage and classic look.

3. It's Durable and Easy to Maintain
The copper in a rose gold wedding ring is a hard substance, making this style of ring less susceptible to wear and tear, scratches, and everyday deterioration.

4. It's Trendy
As mentioned, rose gold has been the go-to colour for many worldwide. And if it does go out of style, then you can simply call it vintage!

5. It Looks Great on Different Skin Tones
While some skin tones suit either warmer or colder tones, blush pink looks incredible on all skin tones.

6. It Goes with Everything
A rose gold wedding ring can give off an effortless vintage vibe, or it can look fresh and trendy. Whatever you decide to wear, this soft colour will match effortlessly.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rose Gold Wedding Ring

The pros of having a rose gold wedding ring far outweigh the cons. But in order to make an informed decision, here are a few things you should consider before choosing a rose gold wedding ring.

Rose Gold is Not Hypoallergenic
For those who are allergic to copper, a rose gold wedding ring may give you a rash or skin irritation. If you're unsure if you have this allergy or not, it's best to do an allergy test before you fall in love with this blush piece of jewellery.

Limited Availability
Because white gold and platinum wedding rings are more readily available at jewellery stores, you may not find the perfect rose gold wedding ring that you're looking for. The up side to this however, is that you could always have your wedding ring specially made.

With that, we welcome you to take the grand tour of our rose gold wedding rings. We offer custom-made rose gold wedding rings as to mimic your perfect vision. Decorate it beautifully with your choice of diamonds, design, and thickness.

And whether you're after a polished or matte finish - or a combination - we aim to bring your wedding ring design to life. We also offer free wedding ring engravings when you purchase your wedding ring with us.

Alternatively, we offer predefined rose gold wedding rings for men and women, starting at 9 karat gold and going up to 18 karat gold. With a variety of styles, all elegant and beautiful in their own right, we're certain that we can make your wedding ring dreams come true!

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