Wedding Rings 14 carat Yellow Gold

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14 carat yellow gold - a material for special occasions

Gold is one of the most valuable raw materials that is found naturally. The beautiful precious metal is the origin of many myths and legends. Gold is a precious status symbol for exclusive occasions. It is therefore frequently used to make jewellery and is perfect for wedding rings that need to last a lifetime. More than half of 14 carat yellow gold consists of pure gold. It contains 58.5% gold.

14 carat yellow gold wedding rings: a fitting precious metal for a special occasion

14 carat gold wedding rings are guaranteed to last a long time, just as you would expect from wedding rings.  14 carat yellow gold is very strong and even withstands the extreme stresses of modern life. The relatively high gold content protects the jewellery from chemical reactions and unattractive tarnishing. 14 carat yellow gold wedding rings therefore look perfect even after a long time and sparkle in typical splendour if they are well looked after. We offer a wide choice of beautiful wedding rings. The design of the wedding rings varies to best suit your tastes. Choose your personalised wedding rings from different ring finishes and a varying number of diamonds through to the appropriate ring profile.