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247 Products

9 carat yellow gold – a comparably inexpensive solution

Gold has always been considered an exquisite precious metal that has been used for centuries to make jewellery. The precious metal has a distinctive and highly rated golden yellow colour and is in widespread use in jewellery made with different alloys. 9 carat yellow gold contains 37.5% gold, making it a comparably inexpensive alloy. Nevertheless, it has a typical gold lustre and unique gold colour.

Qualities of 9 carat yellow gold

The metals silver and copper in particular are other components of the yellow gold alloy that are used to produce a deep yellow colour. The colours and qualities can be delicately balanced through the choice of alloying additives. 9 carat yellow gold wedding rings are popular because of their beautiful golden appearance and yet their relatively inexpensive prices.

Beautiful 9 carat yellow gold wedding rings to suit every taste

We offer you a wide choice of 9 carat yellow gold wedding rings. The range includes simple and classic designs as well as modern and exclusive creations. Wedding rings are available with and without gemstones. Design your personalised wedding rings at AURONIA.