For married folk, there's probably nothing worse than looking down on your ring finger and realising that you're missing something very important. In fact, you won't believe how many love birds have contact us in desperation, confessing "Help! I've lost my wedding ring".

It's a moment that fills you with stress, panic and sadness, and induces that sinking yet nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach. This is of course because a wedding ring is so much more than a piece of jewellery. It symbolises the bond that you share with your partner, and is a memory of your special wedding day when the two of you joined souls amongst the ones you love.

But in actuality, your relationship itself holds far more weight than a stone ever can. And before you start believing that it is a bad omen to lose your wedding ring, think about how easy it is to actually lose. You could be playing a sport, doing some gardening, or you could have placed it somewhere that you've forgotten about whilst doing the dishes or taking a bath. These things happen, and they're in no means a bad sign.

In fact, if you opt for replicating your wedding ring or getting a new one, it could actually be a good thing. You could interpret this as a new beginning and a sign of how you and your partner have grown together. So, to try relieving you of your stress and to assist you on the positive ways you can act if you've just realised that you've lost your wedding ring, we've compiled a list of resources you can consult in order to solve this problem.

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How Can I Find My Lost Wedding Ring?

The first thing you need to do is try not to overreact. Your best thinking doesn't come from a place of panic, but rather when you are calm and rational. Think about the last place you remember having your wedding ring, and retrace your steps.

I Don't Know Where My Wedding Ring is

If you were doing something outside of the home that relied heavily on your hands, such as playing a sport, you should contact the establishment(s) first to ask whether a lost wedding ring has been turned in.

You should also visit all of the places that you walked in the time that you may have lost your wedding ring. And as hard as it may be, four eyes are better than two, so you should consider talking with your partner (and even your close friends and family) to help you on your search.

I Lost My Wedding Ring at a Public Place

It may seem impossible to find a lost wedding ring at a public place such as the beach - and while it may be extremely difficult, you could actually be successful if you use the right channels.

First, you'll want to call or visit the public place you feel your lost wedding ring may be. Whether it is at the beach or lake, a shopping centre, a restaurant, or other. Ask the local staff if anyone has turned it into lost and found or perhaps they've spotted it.

If you believe that your lost wedding ring is at the beach or the lake, you could opt for a metal detector. That is, if you feel your lost wedding ring is still on land.

If you think it could be in the water however, this would prove to be a little bit more difficult - but don't rule out the option of searching for it, because you could consider hiring a professional to help you with this.

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I've Lost My Wedding Ring at Home

If you believe that your lost wedding ring could still be somewhere in your home, be it outside or in, that is a good sign. The chances of it being found are much higher.

You should consider:

  • Using a fluorescent light
    Did you know that a diamond gives off a luminescent colour when it meets ultra violet light in conjunction with a black light in a dark room? For example, if your diamond has a strong yellow florescent, it will emulate a strong yellow glow when under these conditions.
  • Using your hands
    Despite the fact that diamonds are small, they are equally as sharp. That means that, by gently gliding your hands or even feet over an area, you have a fair chance of finding your lost wedding ring. This is especially true if the piece of jewellery is hiding in a thick carpet.
  • Using a torch
    If you turn off all the lights and use a torch to scout for your lost wedding ring - it will sparkle when found. You should be using your torch extremely close to the floor or surface in order to maximise your chances.
  • Sweeping
    On hard tiled flooring, gently sweep the entire area. Those bristles can often access hard-to-reach spots and sometimes, you may just find your lost wedding nestled under the refrigerator or under a small space. Use smooth strokes slowly to increase your success.

Additionally, here are some interesting facts to help you on your search within the home:

  • Diamonds stick to grease
    Diamonds are hard to clean for a reason - they stick to grease. So if you feel that you may have lost your wedding ring in the kitchen sink, check the drain carefully because it may not have gotten very far.
  • Diamonds bounce
    Oftentimes when one drops a small object, they expect it to fall around the area in which it fell. But this is rarely the case - especially for diamonds.Diamonds, because they're unusually-shaped, have a way of bouncing. That means that you should consider all spaces when searching for your lost wedding ring.
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How Can I Hire a Professional to Help Me Find My Wedding Ring?

As previously discussed, you may want to try using a metal detector in search of your lost wedding ring. For some however, this may seem difficult or intimidating. In this way, you could hire a metal detector professional to help you.

They will ask you a series of questions about the size and width, the type of metal, and where you think your lost wedding ring may be. They will be able to set their metal detector to the desired setting to increase their chances of finding your precious jewel.

What's also great about hiring a metal detector professional to find your lost wedding ring, is that they can search on land and in shallow waters, such as in a lake.

My Wedding Ring is Officially Lost, What Can I Do?

Of course no one likes to admit defeat. But if you've gone through all of the correct channels in search of your lost wedding ring, and you have not been successful, perhaps it's time to consider other options.

But before you do, make sure that you've spent more than enough time in search of your wedding ring, as ending up with two isn't exactly ideal.

In actuality, a number of married couples have admitted to finding their lost wedding ring - some even four years later! You could be moving the furniture or doing a bit of gardening, only to have it re-appear. For that reason, don't act too hastily in purchasing or replicating your lost wedding ring.

If you are feeling lost without it though, you could always opt for a much cheaper ring from a pawn shop while you search for your precious piece of jewellery.

Will My Insurance Pay for my Lost Wedding Ring?

Depending on what kind of insurance you have, an insurance company may be able to pay out for your lost wedding ring.

  • House Insurance
    If you have homeowners house insurance, you may be entitled to some of your money back. There are a variety of factors that come into play however - ranging from your excess, the value of the lost wedding ring, and whether you still have your proof of payment.Also, bear in mind that many home insurance companies may only refund you the cost of your stones as opposed to the entire ring, and some may not cover it at all.
  • Jewellery Insurance
    Taking out insurance on your precious jewellery is never a bad idea. And this kind of insurance will prove to be a lot kinder to you if you happen to lose your wedding ring.This is because it will be tailored towards your specific jewellery item(s), it is better value for money than if you were to use your house insurance, and the excess is normally quite low.You will also have protection if you were to lose your wedding ring outside of the home.

I Want to Replicate my Wedding Ring

If you have exhausted all of your options and have searched high and low to no avail, you could choose to replicate your lost wedding ring. And we've made the process easy enough to help relieve you of your stress.

At AURONIA, we have a wedding ring configurator that can create an exact copy of your piece of jewellery. If you know the intimate details of your wedding ring or have a photograph, this will make the process a lot smoother.

Even better - if you ordered your original wedding ring from us, there is no need to give us any additional details. We have the means to create the exact copy for you, ready for delivery.

And for those looking for a new wedding ring design, we're also happy to assist. We hope to help you during this stressful time, so that you can have your magical jewel back on your finger in no time!

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Losing Your Wedding Ring Can Actually Be a Positive Thing…

No, really! Despite the terrible heartache attached to losing an important piece of jewellery, there are actually a few positive things that can be brought about by the experience.

  • Problem Solving Skills
    Having adequate problem solving skills, not only as an individual, but as a couple, is a great attribute. If you are able to work together with your partner during this stressful time, it is a great indication of how well you two are as a team.
  • Decision Making
    At the end of the day, you and your partner will have to make a decision when it comes to your lost wedding ring. And together, choosing the best solution in a rational and analytical manner is a sign that you two can overcome big obstacles and challenges as a couple.
  • Staying Optimistic
    It's always important to try and stay positive and optimistic during bad or stressful times. Your attitude alone plays a big part in how well you can resolve situations, and if you and your partner are able to keep a clear head and a bright disposition, it makes the daunting experience just a little bit easier.At the end of the day, we truly hope that you can solve the mystery of the lost wedding ring. And if not, we'll do our best to create a new or replicated piece of jewellery to symbolise your eternal love that cannot possibly be broken.

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